For Empire Electronics, exceptional product quality must be approached from both a manufacturing and design perspective. To continue to achieve single-digit PPM ratings, we know that we must better control what we do and deliver to our customers.

That’s why we are vertically integrated – designing and manufacturing components ourselves that we once outsourced. For Empire, design is a strategic advantage that allows us to move beyond commodity supply of wire harnesses and connectors. We believe that as we keep stretching, we enhance not only our competitiveness, but also our customers’ ability to compete. With this customer focus, we will emerge as a “must- have” suppler.

Using CATIA, Unigraphics, AutoCAD and Solid Works, our team is focused on designing product performance and wringing out cost. At Empire, we’ve built a strong reputation for excellence in designing and molding small parts. Our customers know we deliver what we promise and are asking us more frequently for help with critical programs.