Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

As the use of EDI continues to expand in the automotive industry, Empire Electronics is committed to its use to allow organizations to operate more effectively, efficiently, and productively.

The 830 Material Release standard (pdf file) is the first document in a series of transaction sets that Empire Electronics will be implementing. The 830 is based upon the AIAG ANSI X12 Version 003060 document.

The Implementation Guide contains the following information:

  • Telephone numbers and Contacts
  • EDI Definitions & Interchange Control Information
  • Document requirements
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Document examples
  • Implementation Process
  • Profiles

Radio Frequency Receiving

Empire Electronics requires a uniform bar code label from our entire supplier base. The Trading Partner Label ImplementationGuideline (pdf file) contains complete requirements.

Key items:

  • The Shipment ID (Packing Slip Number) is required to be included on each container (box) label.
  • If the Shipment ID (Packing Slip Number) cannot be included on each container (box) label, it must be included on a Quick Receive Label to be attached directly adjacent to the container (box)  label.
  • While not mandatory, we strongly suggest that each shipment of material be comprised of one packing slip (shipment id).
  • All new suppliers submitting parts for PPAP or re-certification will be required to send a sample of the container (box) label and quick receive label (if applicable) for certification.

A sample container (box) label and quick receive label (if applicable) should be submitted to Empire Electronics, Inc. for certification and approval.