steven C. Doman, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and owner of Empire Electronics Inc., joined the Company as its president in 1989.  Since then, he has been instrumental in transforming the Company from a small, unprofitable local distributor of electronics components in its early days to becoming one of the world´s fastest growing automotive suppliers of wiring harnesses, connectors and molded products, with sales of more than $60 million in 2007.

Before joining Empire Electronics, Steve was president of Ultra Manufacturing, a steel stamping company based in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  He joined Ultra Manufacturing with the mission to turn around the failing company or shutter it.  The combination of his strong management skills and his dedicated work ethics helped him inspire his team to make the company viable, leading to its eventual sale for a profit.

Before Ultra Manufacturing, Steve worked as a sales manager for an agency in the Detroit area, representing manufacturers in various segments of the automotive industry.  Prior to that, he worked for the Bureau of National Affairs, where he began his career selling business and consumer data in a nine-state region.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Accountancy degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, and earned a Masters of Business Administration degree in production management and finance from the University of Detroit.  He is a member of the Detroit Athletic Club, Original Equipment Suppliers Association and the Society of Automotive Engineers.