empire Electronics is a full-service wire harness supplier that processed approximately 150 million circuits last year. We employ a variety of wire processing technologies that are used in the manufacturing of our wire harnesses. By operating state-of-the-art equipment, such as our 50 Komax wire-processing machines, we are able to process more than 550,000 splices per month to provide our customers with the highest-quality wire harness products.

Also, by utilizing other advanced processes and technologies including overmolding for connectors and terminals; sonic and ultrasonic welding for our molded products; and discrete wire insulation displacement, protective braiding and automatic cut, strip and termination for our harnesses, we have the capabilities to develop any product for your wire harness needs.

Our agile manufacturing system requires all of our operators to receive full training in Empire’s quality and production system. As a result of its full implementation, the plant averages only two days of total Work in Process (WIP) at any time.